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truly unique items that will
make you stand apart
from your competition.

It's what makes
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Need some great ideas?

Try going with the unexpected.


Boomerangs instead of frisbees!

boomerangs.pngYou know you've always wanted one! They're cool! You get to throw them! What more could you want? We have a very large collection of boomerangs in all kinds of shapes. We'll bet we have some you've never seen before. Who knew?


Make your SWAG reusable

canvasbags.pngHere's an idea, don't give anything you think someone will throw away! Give something that has the longest re-use life possible. Think about your audience and find items that are useful to THEM. Nothing wrong with being practical. The longer they keep your gifts, the more they see your brand!


Be interactive!

datacooler.pngMany of our products can drive visitors to your website, online product information and much more. Once they visit your site, you can use lead generation techniques to build your database of prospective customers. Interact with your customers and let them interact with you.



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